Regularly Supported
International Missions


Ghana - This is a privately-run school for students aged 8 to 13.  We assist them with salaries for the teachers and in one case the building of a new school building. 

Haiti - Regular support is sent to an established facility at the Mission De L’Eglise De Dieu Reformee in Saintard, Haiti which heads up works to the needy and distributes goods to various pastors throughout the country.  The leader of that work Sis. Phyllis Newby is responsible for establishing more than 200 churches in Haiti.



enya (Molo Street Children’s Project) - Our finances here assist with the housing, schooling, and feeding of children who lived on the streets of Kenya.



Sri Lanka (Shepherd’s Heart Children’s Home) - Currently, they have 18 girls; out of that, 8 are from other children’s homes that have been closed. Our efforts here are dedicated to 8 specific children we support to ease the burden of the costs of attending school

   To do justice to the fatherless and the oppressed, that the man of the earth may oppress no more (Psalm 10:18).


OCIM’s goals are to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the children and youth in far-flung areas in the Philippines; to disciple them and nourish their faith in Christ; to provide funding to benefactors who pursue college or a degree/ to provide training for teachers for Sunday School and yearly Vacation Bible School.



Local Missions Outreach



In 2023 TTWF partnered with our Food Bank Ministry to distribute Christmas hampers to over 50 seniors and needy families.



TTWF assists needy families throughout the year by providing grocery vouchers on an as needed basis. If you or some other truly needy families need food, please reach out to Elder Ruth Ann Lambe.



For more information on our missionary projects both locally and overseas please write to:

The Missions Board
First Church of God
P.O. Box HM 209
Hamilton HM AX