He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation."

- Mark 16:15 (NIV)


"Redeeming This Present Age Through Missions"


1. To Promote interest in and create awareness of the importance of worldwide missions work.
And be pro-active in our approach and evangelical and benevolent in our purpose.

2. To Provide the necessary resources to missionaries and other related organizations,
both locally and globally, with the necessary tools for equipping together with the financial support
and prayer support for effectiveness and manifestation.
In so doing, the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ can be spread throughout the whole world.

3. To Position through awareness, interest, training and equipping persons to become short and/or long-term missionaries,
being supported financially and otherwise by the Church and the Missions Board.


What We Do 

- provide daily breakfast and school lunches for 8 schools Islandwide

- provide Christmas Food Hampers for those in need

- be proactive in identifying and assessing the urgent needs of the church community
and the community as a whole in the current economic climate;
and as much as resources allow, distribute funds and or food and clothing to meet those needs


Overseas Missionaries and Organizations currently supported by our Missions Board:

Country        Missionary - Organization

Ghana           Eric & Elizabeth Dugbartey

Haiti              Sister Phyllis Newby

Kenya           Chris & Sonia Donnan – Molo Street Children’s Project

Kenya           Robert & Rose Gitau

Sri Lanka     Rev. Woodrow & Melanie Blok – Shepherd’s Heart Children’s Home                

Sri Lanka     Don Sudarsha Wijesinghe

Trinidad &   West Indies Theological College


Sister Phyllis Newby, Missionary in Haiti

Truck loaded with pastors and with goods from our FCOG containers.  
Leaving the orphanage directed by Sis. Newby - Haiti June 2011.

   Group of boys near land owned by Sis. Newby - Haiti 2011.


Christopher & Sonia Donnan, Missionaries in Kenya

Molo Street Children Project is a Christian based community organization that is working with street children and poor families in the Molo area of Kenya and is run by Brother Christopher and Sister Sonia Doonan. 

Use the below link to see more of what the Molo Street Children Project is doing.



Rev. Woodrow & Melanie Blok, Missionaries in Sri Lanka

Assistant Roshan De Silva, Missionary in Sri Lanka


For more information on our missionary projects both locally and overseas please write to:

The Missions Board
First Church of God
P.O. Box HM 209
Hamilton HM AX