Christside Action Ministries


 The Youth Ministry of FCOG

 C.A.M. Motto: “Maximizing Our Purpose!”

Guiding Scripture:  “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” . . . Philippians 4:13


Purpose Statement:

We are special people chosen by God - Who understand  our value in Jesus

Respecting God’s Holy Word - We will achieve our potential

Being wise with opportunities - Committing to Christian service

Striving with a spirit of excellence


Mission Statement

Our mission statement based on Luke 2:52 declares that we will develop our youth spiritually, mentally, socially, and physically (body, soul, spirit):

     Spiritually, with a biblical knowledge of God Word and a sense of God’s purpose for their lives.

Mentally, with stimulating discussions and workshops to prepare them for their 

Socially, interaction with other youth groups and community service.

    Physically, with sports activities and programs to reach other youth in the community.

Ministry Objectives


Facilitate spiritual and social development to youth between the ages 11 to 18.

Ensuring that potential and spiritual gifts of youthof 11 and 18. and young adults are    identified, encouraged, and used in youth fellowship, worship services, recreational and outreach activities.

 Following up teen converts and providing them with biblical tools to grow spiritually.

 Assigning persons to them for discipleship.Directing youth team leaders and incorporating their gifts and ideas. 

  Facilitating spiritual retreats and prayer times for spiritual renewal.roviding resources for ministry.

Providing biblical counseling to youth experiencing personal problems and to ensure interaction with their families.

  Maintaining healthy communication and support with parents/guardians.

  Any areas of concern will be referred to the Youth Minister, the Church’s Marriage & Family Therapist or the Senior Pastor.

Management of ministry teams within Christside Action Ministries.

Youth Minister’s Responsibilities

To oversee and administrate the youth ministry of the First Church of God, North Shore, Pembroke.  As Minister, he or she functions out of the By-laws, Church mission statement and the Youth Ministry mission statement.  He or she is accountable to Bishop Vernon G. Lambe Sr. 

Youth Counselors:

The youth counselor’s function is to work as a developmental and ministerial leader within our youth department.  The counselors incorporate the responsibilities of Youth Leader but also act as an advisory and monitoring team for youth programs and personal ministry.  These members are committed and consistent with the weekly Friday youth fellowship meetings.

Youth Ministry Support Team/Youth Leaders:

The youth leader’s role is to assist the youth counselors upon request and to help in the promotion, control, and participation of youth programs including biblical teaching and life skills.  The support team has a similar role but with a lesser weekly obligation to the Friday night programming and more emphasis for special events and outreach.  These members are not required to be at every Friday meeting but commit on a flexible basis. 

 Youth Ministry Executive:

The youth ministry executive comprises of both older and younger members (teens or young adults) to provide secretarial, financial, and public relations support for youth programs.  These members are also invited to sit in decision-making meetings on the events coming forth.