Serving is Ministry . . .


not thinking that the work of the Church or the vision of the Pastor is only for a few members, but ministry is knowing that you are giving of yourself for Kingdom building.  When you give you are guaranteed to receive what GOD has for you in the way of BLESSINGS. 

Look at it like this.  Open your hand and you will be able to receive what others are trying to give to you.  When your hands are closed you cannot receive the gift.  The same is of your giving in ministry.  When you open your self to ministry and give of your time and talents (gifts) you open yourself to receive the BLESSINGS OF GOD.  Find a ministry that you have a passion for and let GOD use you to manifest your gifts. 



 As we therefore, have opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith.         Galatians 6:10

To serve the needs of our community and the Church sensitivity – supportively and redemptively.

To facilitate a halfway house, for those seeking temporary housing. 

To provide free breakfast and lunches to our schools.

To offer free, new and used clothing, for the needy. 

To provide premarital, trauma, family life and career counseling.


Serving is . . .

  1. If you are called to Minister, You're called to Serve - the call of GOD is a yoking to the mental responsibilities of serving.
  2. Servant hood is an Act of Your Will - you must will to serve, otherwise the various stressors that can sabotage your efforts to serve will overtake you.
  3. Servant hood is an attitude of the Heart - because of the relationship that one must develop towards their leader, if the heart isn't right, the relationship won't be either.
  4. Servants are made not born - a true servant is one who has willed to submit himself to the painful process of transformation.
  5. Servants don't have rights - Self must be denied in order to become an effective servant.

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