To grow in grace and knowledge through drama

To encourage development in the character of Christ

To influence generations by the power of drama

To bring the Scriptures to life through traditional and contemporary dramatization

To highlight current issues and dramatize the Christian response to such issues

To uphold and continue to raise our standard of excellence

To excite, entice and enhance fellowship

To encourage and exhort our brethren

To esteem and extol our Savior



To bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to life through the medium of drama with a Spirit of Excellence


The Drama Ministry of the First Church of God  strives to enrich the Christian worship experience through visual interpretation and depiction of the Word and Christian related issues



Guiding Scripture:   Let them praise his name in the dance: . . . Psalm 149:3


Purpose:  The purpose of the dance ministry is to glorify God and minister to people through the performing arts. 

Vision:  “To proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and advance the Kingdom through liturgical dance.”

Mission:  “To minister in dance under the anointing drawing,  people to Christ within and beyond traditional settings.”

Ms. Marsha L. Burrows
Director, Performing Arts Ministry